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E-mail Marketing


Marketing in the web world is nothing without right strategy and source. With the increasing exposure of virtual world with websites and social media platforms, it has become imperative for the business houses and service providers to reach out the buyers through these popular platforms. They can still use the brick and mortar methods of newspapers, television advertisements and roadside billboards, but they do not assure you about attention you got from buyers. You might think the buyer may have seen the advertisement but he may or may not have seen it. The Bulk email marketing company in India is the best one of them. Our professionals make sure that the emails sent out to your probable clients reach them in good condition, and contributes towards your popularity. Some of the things we consider while working on your email marketing plans.

Before opening the mail, every reader first assesses the label or the subject line. Even the email spam checker assesses these things before allowing it in the inbox. We make sure that the subject line is short and attractive conveying all your concepts and theme of email to the client in precise manner.

Creativity :- An email, which is full of words and simple sentences, will not be able to get more attention or may even find its way toward spam folder too. With Web Powerinfotekss, you will provide you with colorful email that is full of interactive pictures and click to action buttons. Powerinfotek, you can easily interact with your buyers, and attract new ones with our creative and unique email marketing plans.

The Power info tek Emailer puts the client in charge of the ongoing campaign management, whilst using power info tek design expertise to create a good looking email to deliver high conversions and using our email marketing knowledge to help gets started with the campaigns.

  • Email marketing is the most effective tool at converting existing contacts into 'sales'.
  • Short timescales to implement.
  • Cost effective in terms of cost per visitor to website.
  • Best method of moving contacts along the decision process to help them purchase your product or service.
  • Also maintains brand awareness.

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